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Italy offers amazing tourism and recreation opportunities. Country is forever attractive, well known all over the world. Travelers fascinate lovely various landscapes, golden beaches and cultural monuments. Art treasures in architecture, painting and sculptures for centuries regale one's eyes. The Alps in Italy captivate with vast meadows, glaciers and prospering valleys. Italy envelops five seas and it has the longest sea line in Europe. Beaches extend for kilometers and here are thousands of small and great resorts. Sense the Venice Nights mystique and high fashion charm.
In this country meal is very important part of family life therefore it is typical home cuisine. Midnight spaghetti, pizza and glass of wine, salad- characterize Italy cuisine. Enjoy friendly and joyful atmosphere, relish everything what life gives. update
In the nature of Austria fascinates various landscapes. There is opportunity to observe so different and bountiful flora and fauna. Austria greatest part takes the Alps. North-east part takes the valley of the Danube where has placed the capital city of Austria – Vienna. Austria is well known as native country of many world famous and genius composers. Creative work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn, Johann Strauss, can not leave anyone indifferent. Folk music associates with rare kind of singing- yodel. Mountain skiing in the Austria Alps is the dream of every sports enthusiast, because there are about eighty wide skiing regions, which offers great training conditions and recreation opportunities in advanced resorts.
Austrian cuisine feature is nourishing food. There are different kind of traditional meat dishes and confectioneries. World known Vienna schnitzel and feast integral component is blood-pudding. Austrians adore coffee and there is great demand for wine and beer. 
Largest country in the West Europe brings us to view wide known French culture, fashion and cuisine. Enjoy snow-covered amazing declivities of the Alps, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea beaches, gorgeous castles, wide vine gardens. Capital city Paris is great cultural centre with most famous places like Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris allure with museums, shops and restaurants.
In France there are many cultural values. Every city and village is like real history and culture museum. France is well known with amazing nosh and potables. Every region has specific cuisine. For example, in the France central part there is fried meat with red wine sauce, but near the Mediterranean Sea it is fish soup with garlic. Also France is well known with different sort of cheese and wine. 
Switzerland is the place where the Alps meet the sky. Fabulous winter resorts, unique nature landscapes. In every region is different climate and diverse view. Here can be found lichen and moss of Arctic Region and palm-trees and mimosas of the Mediterranean Sea coast. Ancient civilizations heritage is amazing architecture. Switzerland has very colorful cultural life. In every large city there is theatre and symphonic orchestra. Also here are about 600 museums. Well known is Zurich State Museum and art museums in Basel, Bern and Geneva.
Cuisine characterize richness of different sorts of cheese and meet with different kind of flavorings. Switzerland- all over the world known as home country of safest banks, the most accurate watches, delicious chocolate, high quality jewellery, diverse sorts of cheese and qualitative medicaments. 
Germany- it is harmony, connecting breathtaking nature and great architecture. Enjoy beauty from North Sea and Baltic Sea right down the Alps. Historical palaces, museums will carry you away from today. Amazing nature landscapes with wide beaches, highlands and lowlands, vine fields in the south and heather width in the north part. Breathtaking amusement parks offer entertainment for everyone. See captivating cities with giddy shopping and breathtaking night life. Stay in adorable and romantic houses and turn attention to deserving winemaker villages with wine festivity. German cuisine characterizes strong and nourishing food. Very important product in the menu is bread. Here is about 300 different kind of sorts of bread. Particular are German beer. In this country relish beer drinking and eating fried sausages.
Spain - country in southwestern Europe, occupying most of the Iberian Peninsula. Also, the Canarias Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) in the Mediterranean Sea belongs to Spain. There are a lot of architecture monuments in Spain, such as the remains of ancient Greek, Roman and Carthage settlements. It is interesting to visit National museum of Prado, King’s Palace, Church of San Francisco el Grande. Barcelona is amazing us with Gaudi's architecture - the Cathedral of St. Family, Guell Park, and the old quarters and the main Catholic Cathedral. Seville, Cordoba and Granada also will stay in memory of many tourists spending their holidays in Andalucía.  
Portugal offers a pioneer joy, giving possibility to visit the civilization surrounded by virgin nature. It seems that sentiment lives into the Portuguese soul. Portugal has an old-fashioned charm, witch been given by medieval castles, picturesque villages, as well as the coastal cliffs, wild sandy beaches and flowers covered hills. Also Lisbon the capital of Portugal is different from other European cities with its specific architecture, where is possible to see the mix of colonial style, medieval, Gothic, Baroque and modern design, witch is fascinating travelers so much.

Ancient Greece is a mysterious country, and it is every traveler dream to unravel this secret. Being at the crossroads of ancient roads between Europe and Middle East, Greece has absorbed all the best, that there is in culture of this two sides of world. There are huge number of historical monuments in Greece, such as Acropolis in Athens, the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, the Fortress of Mycenae city, and many others. Admiring the ancient works of art and architecture, it is impossible leave without attention beautiful nature and many opportunities for entertainment. Islands, hills, cliffs, valleys, bays and beaches are making beautiful mosaic, where everyone will find something attractive for themselves. 
The Kingdom of Belgium is located on the north-western Europe and combines the German and Roman cultural traditions. In every corner of Belgium has the features that differ sharply its residents from their neighbours. They are even speaking in three languages ​​-Dutch, French and German. Perhaps this diversity influenced the character of the Belgians, who tolerate the customs of all peoples living in their small country.
Belgian cities also are not similar to each other - Bruges, as a gingerbread village from German fairy tales, Ghent, where we can enjoy the creation of brothers van Eyck - Ghent altar at the Gothic cathedral, Antverven, classic medieval port city.Anyone who visits Belgium can fully enjoy themselves in the middle of Europe and to pay tribute to the Belgian hospitality. 
There are not a lot of countries, which are placed below sea level. One of them – Netherlands, which is full of water and wind, boats and bicycles, birds and windmills. The Netherlands also are famous with cafes, cheese and tall people. Visiting Netherlands usually starts with cities. Who hasn’t heard about Amsterdam, city of culture, coffeshops and canals? Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Maastricht -everyone has heard of this cities. And it's amazing, knowing the size of the Netherlands. 

Cyprus is Mediterian island country, which is famous with many summer resorts. Also Cyprus is a motherland of  Christophor  Moro, a prototype of famous Otello, a hero of Shekspire poem.  Cyprus is one of the world biggest wine producing countries.

Cyprus is famous with it’s quick marage policy. You need to stay there only three days to get marage permission.

There is interesting fact, that cyprus taxis are working without any change, that’s why tourists prefere to book a private airport transfer before visiting this beautiful country. 


Estonia is situated on the North of Europe, on the coast of Baltic Sea. It is the smallest Baltic country.  If you are going to Estonia, don’t forget to visit old part of Tallinn, which is intact medevian city.  Also Tartu, the second biggest city in Estonia – famouse with oldest univesity in Baltics and scientifical capital of Baltic region. 

Estonia is full of distant coasts, where you can enjoy silence and nature any time you want. Also there are more then 1500 small and big islands, full of nature, culture and beautiful vews. 


If you want to feel the atmosphere of old Europe, Latvia is waiting for you. The narrow streets of old Riga of Kuldiga will take you to medieval Germany. On the waterfront sprawling on both banks of the Western Dvina, or as it is called here- Daugava is a statue of a huge man with a baby on his shoulder - a reminder about the founder of Riga - Big Kristaps.

Latvia is not only famous with historical objects, international youth festivals "New Wave", humor show "KVN" gather a lot of viewers from around the world for concerts.


Lithuania can’t leave you without any emotions. If you don’t know anything about it, and haven’t been there, you should add it to your „Must see” list. Lithuanians views and nature are so different and attractive.  Lithuanian sea air is filled of pine aroma, because third part of country is covered by woods.

Vilnius, is one of the oldest city of Europe is situated about 213 meters over the sea level. It has kept many architecture monumants of different times of history. 

Visit London, the largest metropolitan of United Kingdom and the home town of Olympic 2012. London is the largest cultural, educational and financial area in Europe.
There are 4 historical objects from world heritage list in there: Westminster palace, Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich and Kew Gardens, which are loceted along Themsa river.
London is rich of historical objects which you can overview from London eye, one of the biggest observation wheel in the world.
Don’t forget to visit Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Britain monarchs. Every day, at 11:30 a.m. there is a Guard changing ceremony, which is one of the most famouse touristic events in London.